Color Effects Chalk Blocks

Smooth texture for easy application, Chris Christensen Color Effects Chalk Blocks are perfect for covering scars and blemishes with even distribution leaving a natural look and feel.
Ice Creme Cover up

Specially formulated to apply easily for excellent coverage! Not oily or heavy, with dense pigmentation for extreme color intensity that covers even the most severe stains and flaws.
White Ice Spray

White Ice Spray covers stains and flaws while easily blending into the natural feel and look of the coat.
Black Ice Spray

Black Ice Spray covers stains and flaws while easily blending into the natural feel and look of the coat.
Lanny's Chalk

Lanny’s Terrier Chalk is a formula that was developed by professionals in the 1950’s, using only 4 ingredients! Lanny’s Chalk’s tacky texture makes it perfect for body building in furnishings, and gripping for hand stripping!

Cover stains, hide grays, and eliminate unwanted coat colors with ChrisStix! ChrisStix unique design allows pin point accuracy and easy blend-ability. Our premium formula creates excellent coverage with maximum staying power to create a naturally blended look.
Color prod
Black Mask

Black Mask dramatically enhances dark skin pigmentation on the muzzle, around the eyes and ears of dogs. It contains dense pigmentation to create rich color intensity. It repels dust and dirt, and helps conceal scars and blemishes.
Black Button

Intense and effective, Black Button is a two part treatment perfect for eliminating nose discoloration in winter, from age, scarring, and other causes, leaving a rich, natural looking black button nose.
Color Effects Chalks

Cover blemishes, hide scars, build up sparse areas, and blend away discoloration with Color Effects Chalks. Applies easily, and blends seamlessly, for a naturally flawless finish that even you won’t be able to tell where the natural hair ends and the chalks begin. Mix colors to create the perfect shade!

White Ice Chalk

White Ice Chalk is an ultra fine 325-meshed blend chalk that whitens whites, texturizes and builds body all in one application.