Pro-Line Self Rinse Plus™

Self Rinse Plus™ is a "no rinse" shampoo that is used when running water is unavailable or when a quick clean-up is needed.

A few of the uses for SELF RINSE PLUS ™:
At dog shows To spot clean and deodorize.
For last minute touch ups
Between baths
Soiling mishaps after grooming
After outdoor activities such as during bad weather to prevent tracking in the house
When caring for puppies.
Fair Advantage™ Shampoo

Fair Advantage™ Premiere Shampoo is a conditioning shampoo that reduces static and aids in moisturizing to help in the prevention of hair and coat breakage.  Adds body, volume and fullness with a vibrant shine.  Eliminates dryness, static flyaway and frizzies.  Deep cleaning without overstripping the coat.  Rinses squeaky clean.
Pro-Gro™ Conditioner

Pro-Gro™ Conditioner provides all of the benefits of an oiled coat without the oily residue.  A refinement of a formula in use over 50 years by professional dog handlers.  Coats the hair and follicles to retain the natural oil of the hair shaft.  Helps prevent brittleness and breakage.
Lanny's Terrier Chalk

Lanny's Terrier Chalk is a formula from the '50's with 4 special ingredients.  This chalk has "Staying Power".

Suggested companion product to Lanny's Terrier Chalk... Colestral or White Ice Creme. Both are excellent chalk mates that are not greasy.  And, Chris Christensen Powder Chalk Brush