Lift for Sure™

boosts roots with long-lasting touchable body and bounce.  Roots are the key to a great volume style.  This formula, with Volume Control Complex, volumizes roots adding body and bounce that will last all day. Creates gravity-defying volume from roots to ends.  Thickening throughout for luxurious, humidity resistant body.  Targeted nozzle allows for precise application at the root.
Shine for Sure™

spray is your first line of defense in the war against dull and frizzy coat. Hydrolyzed Silk Protein is the natural lipid from palm oil combined with natural silk derived proteins known as "The Princess of Fibers," due to its strength. Excellent moisture binding properties link hair fibers to improve elasticity, resiliency and restore moisture balance for a serious shine. Lightweight and long lasting rich glossiness.
Hold for Sure™

Is an instant-drying, long-lasting holding spray that gives resistance to the effects of high humidity, with superior holding power, manageability and gloss.

It contains natural Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera), a natural antioxidant, which prevents flaking. Aloe Vera is also known for its natural sunscreen properties, helping to protect the coat and skin from UV damage. This plant, which carries the status of "Super Star", contains an impressive number of vitamins and minerals, including: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, E, Choline and Folic Acid. These vitamins are known for protecting the skin from free radicals.
Flex For Sure™

Is infused with nourishing Panthenol and Blueberry Fruit Extract for all-day conditioning and frizz control. It leaves hair feeling flexible with a light to medium hold. Its unique formulation is designed for styling, scissoring, and finishing soft, fly-away coats. The application is a micro fine mist, which can be applied and reapplied without buildup, yet brushes out easily.
Flex For Sure™

Is a lightweight, volumizing mousse that adds fullness and body, with high humidity resistance. Hair is noticeably fuller, with a flexible, touchable hold that has durability and shine.  Infused with nourishing wheat protein for all-day conditioning and frizz control. Crystal clear formula will not flake or build up. Contains sunscreens.
Precious Drop

Precious Drop is a blend of Keratin Proteins and
essential oils of Lavender Blossom. Infuse each strand of the hair with hydrating
Precious Drop™ to reduce frizz, moisturize, reduce matting and eliminate
breakage. The essence of control for all drop coat breeds; producing soft,
silky, unimaginably sleek, flowing coats with brilliant shine!
Bottoms Up

Bottoms Upä is a concentrated thickening and bodifying lifting spray that transforms fine,
limp; hair.  Lifts and separates the hair while enhancing luster, volume and manageability.  Soft, flat, flyaway hair will look and feel thicker with double the volume.  It closes and aligns the cuticle layer increasing the hairs’ shine and also works as a sizing agent to lock in the shape.  Bottoms Up bonding system provides long lasting volume and lift that is not stiff, heavy or tacky with added humidity protection. 
Can be diluted up to 8 to 1. 
Dilution ratio will vary based on the texture of the hair and the end
results you have in mind.

For best results apply with Chris Christensen Systems Kool Mister
dryer attachment.
Thick N Thicker Texturizing Bodifier Spray

This flexible hold body-building hair spray provides fullness to soft coat furnishings, and fluffs out double coats.  It gives volume and lift to coats lacking undercoat, and offers hold and texture to build up top knots, furnishings, tails, etc.  The moldable property assists in straightening unwanted waves.
Thick N Thicker Volumizing Gel

Thick N Thicker Gel provides the ultimate control for setting and styling canine hair.  By adding body from roots to ends, and creating texture from the inside out, it offers immediate lift and volume and allows hair to be shaped and formed.  While providing significant hold, it is moldable and manageable, making it the ideal working gel.  It is the ultimate last minute problem solver.  Hair will be easy to style and re-style without flakiness or build-up.  Thick N Thicker Gel is non-tacky and flexible, leaving the coat touchable with a natural look and feel.  This product belongs in every toolbox.
Thick N Thicker Volumizing Gel Jar

Spectrum 10 Hypro Pac Intensive Treatment provides the ultimate in conditioning for dry, brittle, damaged coats. Hypro Pac's deep conditioning formula strengthens as it protects against heat, damage, and breakage; restoring critical moisture and manageability, creating a sleek finish. Use treatment regularly for a vibrant, livelier, richer shine and to prevent against future damage.
Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse

Thick N Thicker Whipped Creme Mousse (aerosol) adds incredible volume and shine while infusing nutrients that enrich the coat with vitamins and fatty acids.  Fix a myriad of hair traumas, from providing instant cures for flyaways, to controlling frizz.  Creates volume, lift, texture, shine and control with just about any coat type, length or texture.
Super Hold

A water free formula, waterless coat spray.  Long lasting, fast drying and instant hold.  Locks in style; locks out humidity.  Seals in structured style and maintains sleekness of straightened coats regardless of the weather. Super Hold Coat Spray is a supreme waterless fixative.  Provides an amazing, long lasting hold.  A revolutionary, different kind of coat spray that is water-free.  Fast drying on contact for strong control.  Instant hold that lasts and lasts without stickiness or flaking, ensuring a perfect hold every time.

For best results, hold 8-10 inches from hair, spray with a slow sweeping motion, protect animal's eyes.
Just Divine

The brushing spray that lives up to its name, to give your dog a look that is "Just Divine”! Just Divine  Brushing Spray is created to give life and fullness to the coat, without buildup or residue,protecting each strand from styling damage, while making detangling painless
and easy! Whether it is used as an in-between baths touch-up, or to break down product
in the coat after a show, Just Divine will give your "angel” that freshly groomed look that keeps any texture of coat in top form.

Tame It Protect

Tame It Protect Thermal Spray is an exclusive blend of nourishing conditioners that deeply nourish each strand from the inside out, preventing breakage! This unique blend reduces static, smoothing the cuticle for sleek, strong tresses and a luminescent shine.
Tame It Smooth

Tame It Smooth is a styling cream that conditions and eliminates frizz by blocking humidity without weighing hair down. Infused with Argan Oil, Tame It Smooth deeply nourishes, creating luxuriously smooth and manageable coat that stays all day!