Reconstructing Shampoo

Recommended to maintain moisture and hydration levels on all coat types. This shampoo is a must for coats that are dry and damaged.
Classic Reconstructing Shampoo works at the skin level to rejuvenate & protect to promote healthy hair growth and then repairs and protects the current coat. It also creates a beautiful healthy looking coat for a Champion shine.
Reconstructing Conditioner

Botanicals works at  skin level to rejuvenate & protect, while promoting healthy coat growth.
Spotted Orchid has reparative and protective properties that fight free radicals and increase skin’s immunity.
Restores, protects and builds a beautiful, healthy, shiny coat.
Finishing Show Spray

Designed as a Daily Maintenance product for all coat types.  Effortlessly detangles and unmats coats while strenghtening the hair shafts with a blend of botanical ingredients.  Enriched with Spotted Orchid Extract to hydrate, protect and repair the skin and coat.
Protects the coat from drying agents while helping to rejuvenate damage done to the skin.
Provides a Beautiful Shine.