Mark V Triangle Slicker Brush
Both the Big K and Big G have:

Long Pins to penetrate deep into longer coats. Special Pin Bend creates lift and movement, to pick up more coat. Flexible Cushion, our signature cushion is gentle and forgiving. Extreme Curved Back to allow more control, movement and direction. Extra Long Ergonomic Handle reduces hand and arm fatigue.

The Big K was originally designed for the unique needs of the Black Russian Terrier, but there are dozens of breeds that need this brush! Does the job in half the time! The Big G has 40% more pins than Big K! It was designed to fluff curly, cottony coats, and to fluff and shape heads, toplines, and legs of many breeds.
Brush Cleaner

This beautifully crafted brush cleaner is oval in shape, solid Beech wood for easy firm grip with 1 3/4" nylon bristle.  Remove hair and debris from any of your brushes.
Mark  X-Tiny Slicker Brush
Mark II-Small Red GroomGrip Slicker Brush
Mark II Small Slicker Brush
Mark III Medium Slicker Brush
Mark VI Medium Curved Slicker Brush
Mark VII Large Curved Slicker Brush
Mark VIII Round Head Slicker Brush

Range of our Slicker Brushes listed below

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What makes our slickers special?

All of Chris Christensen Systems Slicker Brushes have a super soft relaxed cushion and lightweight Beech Wood body with contoured handles to meet the needs of any brushing style or direction.

The curved back slicker brushes create a motion that is not obtainable by flat back slicker brushes, cutting your grooming time drastically.  Try it and you will see.

The round slicker brush was designed by top poodle people.  It has an ergonomically designed handle for ease of maneuvering, and does not leave lines behind.